pop, protest and black fiction from the counter culture 1965-75

Sticking It To The Man! seeks to chronicle and celebrate the fiction that emerged from and was inspired by the cultural and political upheavals of the 1960s and 1970s. These include everything from the novels inspired by the renaissance in black culture to trashy exploitation novels and thinly veiled political manifestoes. Whilst the music and films of the period have largely been unearthed and documented many of the era’s novels and authors remain ignored and unknown, a fact we intend to do our bit in rectifying.

Over the past year we have dug up over 100 novels from the period and present reviews of over 50 of them here. Where we have felt particularly impressed or amused by a book we have given it a relatively in depth review and also included what we felt was a particularly representative excerpt from the text. Shorter reviews cover those titles that we were either bored by or simply had little time to review. We are seeking people to contribute both short and lengthy reviews and welcome anyone who would like to give these titles a more detailed going over.

Eventually we plan to release a full length guide to the novels inspired by the political, youth and pop culture of the period 1965-75. This book will include a number of reviews not included on the website as well as articles on and interviews with key publishers, artists and authors. Potential publishers are invited to get in touch at out contact address.

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